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Bartolo Colon is eyeing a 2019 return at age 45, so what could he bring to a prospective new club?

There are certain things that get better with age: Cheese and wine, for example, but also Bartolo Colon. Sure, the veteran right-hander hasn't put together a season with an ERA under 5 since 2016 with the Mets (3.43), but his relentless commitment to the game is consistently admirable.
As the 2018 season wound down, the 45-year-old said he was interested in coming back once again for 2019, which would be his 22nd in the Major Leagues. Has anything changed in his mind since that declaration in September? 
According to Monday's report from MLB Network insider Jon Heyman, nope:

So, you're no doubt wondering to yourself, what might Colon bring to the table with a new club, which (if a different one than any of his previous employers) would be his 12th? Well ... 
That tattoo
In one of his final games with the Rangers this past season, Colon unveiled a dramatic tattoo that took up his entire left forearm and depicted the battle between St. Michael the Archangel and the devil himself:

Quick reflexes on the mound
An imposing physical presence, there's no guarantee a comebacker will get past Colon when he's on the mound.

Gum sandwiches
Yes, gum sandwiches, Bartolo's in-game tradition. 

Amazing statistics
We're talking the type that can only happen when you're around as long as he's been in the league -- like the fact that he faced the 2018 Red Sox's coaching staff more than its current roster, that he's allowed home runs to 300 different players, the amazing list of pop culture icons with careers or existences shorter than his pitching career, and so on. 
Power hitting
You knew this one was coming. He could very well do this again, someday ... hopefully.