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Bees swarmed the Padres-Rockies game and forced players to literally hit the ground

The Padres and Rockies were one measly out away from ending the top of the ninth inning in a 10-4 game on Thursday. It was San Diego's final game of Spring Training at the Peoria Sports Complex this year, and it wouldn't have been surprising if quickly moving getaway day along was on players' minds.
The bees had other ideas.
They had already caused some concern earlier while swarming around a camera, even causing a mild interruption during an in-game interview with Padres pitcher Clayton Richard. When asked if he had any idea about what could be done with the bees, Richard simply said, "You get away from them. Get on the other side of the dugout. I don't want to be anywhere near that."
Then the situation became crazier.

Players were forced to duck on the ground to avoid a giant swarm with two outs in the ninth. It only caused a brief delay, but it was enough to stir up memories for Rockies skipper Bud Black, who in an interview with Jesse Sanchez, recalled a lengthy bee delay in a 2009 game from his days managing the Padres.

Bee delays in Spring Training are not terribly unusual (it wasn't even the first time that the Padres were pestered this spring), but seeing the players on the ground added another dimension to this one. As the TV crew noted, it looked like an on-field duck-and-cover drill. Fortunately, they got back to the action in a timely manner and finished up the game. They didn't even need Mark Teixeira's honey.
The Padres will just have to hope that the loss today doesn't sting too much.