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10 postseason home runs that made broadcasters dance and pitchers spike their gloves

Home runs are the gut punch, slam dunk and touchdown of other sports all packaged together into one laser-guided 400-plus-foot blast. Given their instant run production, players can't help but express something from deep within their souls. 

But which home runs from the 2018 postseason elicited the biggest reactions? Let's look at the top 10: 

10. David Ortiz is a Red Sox fan

Most of the reactions on this list are from the players in the game or fans in the stadium. But when Jackie Bradley Jr. went deep in Game 3 of the ALCS, it was not just a former player who had a crazed response, but one currently employed as a baseball analyst. The only other time you'll see someone in a suit look this happy is at a wedding. 

9. Ronald Acuna Jr. makes fans go nuts

With their bevy of amazing young talent, the Braves are going to be a frightening team to face for years to come. So, while they may not have advanced past the NLDS this year, Acuña gave a small taste of what's to come with a massive grand slam against the Dodgers. Naturally, the youth were quite excited. 

8. Brandon Woodruff's barbaric yawp

The most unexpected home run of the postseason -- reliever Brandon Woodruff going deep off almost-certain-future-Hall-of-Famer Clayton Kershaw -- came with one of the best reactions, too. 

As Woodruff rounded the bases, he released a scream that started from the deepest part of his soul. 

7. Tom Goodwin's extended yell

Woodruff isn't the only one who enjoys screaming to the heavens. Red Sox first base coach Tom Goodwin hollered for a full six -- count 'em -- six seconds after Eduardo Nunez's pinch-hit home run in Game 1 of the World Series. 

6. This kid got the best birthday present

Manny Machado may have been at the center of plenty of postseason controversies, but this kid didn't care. He got the best b-day present possible when the Dodgers shortstop went deep in Game 2 of the NLDS. 

5. Tony Kemp's power lift

When Jose Altuve went back-to-back with George Springer in Game 1 of the ALDS, Tony Kemp took a page out of "Titanic." Altuve must have felt like he was flying, right? 

4. Brock Holt hits for the cycle

It was the most unexpected moment of the postseason.

The Yankees brought a position player in to pitch and the Red Sox super-utility player finished off his cycle with a home run into the right-field stands. Given the giant smile upon his face, it's almost like he couldn't believe it, either. 


3. Yasiel Puig's trip around the bases

When the Wild Horse homered in Game 7 of the NLCS against the Brewers, he unloaded with a chain reaction of amazing celebrations. He flipped his bat, flexed his biceps, did a special dance with each member of the Dodgers and basically exploded with excitement. If you want to see players show off their personality, this was that and so much more. 


2. The face of pure sadness

Gerrit Cole vs. Francisco Lindor is a matchup always worth tuning in for. Power pitcher vs. surprising power hitter. In Game 2 of the ALDS, Lindor came out on top. And the face Cole made was ... something else: 

Just look at this: 


1. Puig's happy, but Rodriguez is mad

What else could take the top spot? When Puig went deep in Game 4 of the World Series, he flipped his bat and threw his arms in the air. Meanwhile, Eduardo Rodriguez tried to throw his glove through the mound. 

This was postseason drama