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See if you can watch these five astonishing throws without your jaw hitting the floor

Throwing a baseball is easy. Throwing a baseball accurately, with some oomph on it, while you're running full speed, in front of tens of thousands of people, is hard. From time to time, we baseball fans take may take for granted the ease and zip with which Major Leaguers whip the baseball around the diamond.
With that in mind, take a look at the five craziest, most jaw-dropping and incredible throws of the 2018 season.
5. Vince Velasquez

When Velasquez -- who regularly chucks high-90s fastballs with his right arm -- ripped off a perfect throw to first with his left arm, it was pretty surprising.
It turns out that Velasquez's surprise display of ambidextrousness connects all the way back to an injury he suffered to his right hand in high school that forced him to play the outfield with his weaker left arm for a season. Watch out Pat Venditte, you may have some competition soon. 
4. Alex Bregman

By the time the Astros' third baseman let go of the rock, he was practically even with the Orioles' third-base coach, who actually ducked out of Bregman's way.

Maybe next year he'll throw someone out from the stands.
3. Jackie Bradley Jr. 
If you watch this video with sound, you'll hear the announcer call the pop fly "deep enough to get another run home." That's a perfectly reasonable expectation because human beings don't usually throw baseballs 103.4 mph.

What the announcer failed to account for is that Jackie Bradley Jr. isn't like most normal human beings. He's actually an alien cyborg.
2. Nolan Arenado
You've seen the iconic Derek Jeter jump throw a trillion times by now, I'm sure, but have you ever seen anyone do it from their knees?

That's not a thing that humans can do. It's impossible. This video must have been edited in post. I've watched the clip 100 times and each time I don't think Arenado's going to get enough on the throw.
1. Ramón Laureano
There are certain outfield throws that make you want to drink a glass of water immediately just so you can spit take in amazement. Yoenis Céspedes' insane 2014 fence-to-plate heave for the ages comes to mind, as does the famous Ichiro laser beam. Laureano's bananas toss from the Angel Stadium warning track all the way to first base is right up there with them.