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In the race of the century, Billy Butler and Brian McCann competed for title of slowest Yankee

Flash vs. Superman. Michael Phelps vs. Chad le Clos. Man vs. Self. 
All of these matchups are nothing compared to the race that took place before the Yankees' 5-2 loss to the Orioles on Sunday. That's because Billy Butler and Brian McCann raced each other with the title of slowest Yankee on the line. So who would win, the man nicknamed Country Breakfast, or the one who has had to squat behind the plate every day for the last 12 years at the Major League level? 
Turns out, Butler has a little bit of speed to burn, knocking out McCann by a few yards. Hopefully the Yankees catcher gets a trophy for his new title.

That basically lines up with what Statcast™ captured this year. Butler's average top speed was 14 mph, just edging McCann's 13.9.