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The Binghamton Mets have changed their name to the fearsome Rumble Ponies

Next time you're at a carnival, forget ever calling them carousel horses. Thanks to the former Binghamton Mets, they will now and forever be known as Rumble Ponies. On Thursday, the team announced a name change for the first time in the club's 24-year history, going from the Mets to the Rumble Ponies.
The name faced some stiff competition, too, beating out monikers like Timber Jockeys, Stud Muffins and Rocking Horses. And while the name sounds odd, it's actually a reference to the town being known as the "Carousel Capital of the World," for their extensive collection of antique merry-go-rounds

That's right: That's a horse carrying a baseball bat and wearing boxing gloves. He's pretty much the most fearsome beast this side of a frog that spits fire.