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Blooper may have just defrauded Bryce Harper of his entire $330 million contract

During the offseason, Manny Machado and Bryce Harper became the first two free agents in the history of MLB to sign contracts worth at least $300 million. Neither signed with the Braves -- Machado joined the Padres and Harper went to the Phillies -- and Braves mascot Blooper has made it his mission to make them regret that decision.

In May, the mascot tricked Machado into endorsing a $300 million check -- the value of the contract he signed with the Padres -- made out to Blooper. As it turned out, Blooper's actions may have exposed him to some legal risk.

On Sunday, Blooper was back with his trickery. This time the victim of his criminal operation was Harper. After getting him to sign what appeared to be a proclamation declaring June 16 "National Bryce Harper Day," Blooper revealed that he had actually signed away the entirety of his $330 million contract:

As with Blooper's attempt at stealing Machado's money earlier in the season, Harper can probably rest easy on this one. As our legal expert noted before, the check lacks an account and routing number, meaning a bank would be unlikely to honor it.

Still, star players would be wise to be a bit more cautious around Blooper going forward. Clearly, he's out for their money.