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Brandon Kintzler was feeding a rhino when he found out he was traded to the Nats

The non-waiver Trade Deadline did not leave us disappointed this year. We laughed, we cried, and we even fed a rhino. Well, we didn't feed a rhino, but Brandon Kintzler did.

Kintzler had an off-day Monday before he was scheduled to play in San Diego on Tuesday. He received a call saying he was traded to the Nationals while he was at the zoo. According to MLB Network Radio, he was in the middle of feeding a rhino and a giraffe when he got the call.

"I was in the middle of feeding a rhino," he laughs. "And then we found out we were going to the Nats … and I'm excited."

The reliever earned an All-Star selection this season and boasted a 2.78 ERA with the Twins with 27 strikeouts in 45 1/3 innings.

That's a packed day in the world of Brandon Kintzler.