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The Braves Houdini'd their way out of a jam with a double play without the ball being put into play

The Braves were in a bit of a bind in the second inning of Tuesday's game against the Cubs at Wrigley Field. Three walks by lefty Max Fried had loaded the bases with just one out.

And then things got weird.

Pitcher Adbert Alzolay was up next, and he showed bunt on a pitch. What happened next was a series of caught-stealings, first nabbing an overzealous Javier Baez in a rundown at the plate and then Willson Contreras, who had attempted to scurry over to third base on the sequence:

So there you go, a rally-escaping double play without the baseball even being put into play by the hitter. Slightly weird but satisfying for the Braves, probably rather frustrating for the Cubs, and amusing for the impartial onlooker.