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Brett Gardner caught the third out and tossed it to a fan -- er, Adam Jones, standing in the Orioles bullpen

"Give the ball to a fan!" is something you often hear at the ballpark -- but "Give the ball to an opposing player!" is not.
That may not really be a thing, but don't tell that to Brett Gardner.
In the second game of Monday's doubleheader between the Yankees and Orioles in Baltimore, Gardner made a nice running grab to end the second inning. Before jogging off the field, he headed over toward the outfield fence and tossed the ball to the crowd -- er, to Adam Jones, Orioles center fielder, who had the game off and was enjoying it from the comfort of bullpen seating:

We sometimes see relievers in the bullpen catch home run balls on the fly, but this? This is rather unique. Maybe it will become a thing after all ... 
As you'll see in the clip atop this post, Jones also spent some of his free evening catching warmup tosses from reliever Brad Brach and hanging out inside the right-field scoreboard.

Why not, right?