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Brent Suter led a raucous Brewers dugout band performance in tribute to Lorenzo Cain

Coming to a dugout near you this summer: the Brent Suter Dugout Band Experience?

OK, maybe that's not a real thing that will pop up in arenas across the country, but it is something that hit the Brewers dugout on Friday, moments before the Brewers battled the Mets at Miller Park. Suter, recovering from Tommy John surgery, returned to the area for a check-up on his progress and visited his teammates ... which, of course, meant forming a band with Hernan Perez and playing a loud, cacophonous song in honor of center fielder Lorenzo Cain:

Cypress Hill would be very proud.

Clearly inspired by the musical tribute, Cain stepped up in the first inning and clubbed a leadoff homer for Milwaukee, a dinger that set a franchise record for consecutive home games with at least one homer by the team (19 and counting this season):

Last August, when Suter rejoined the Brewers after undergoing his operation, he promised to be a jolt of energy for the club, as he told's Adam McCalvy:

"I was getting separation anxiety," Suter said. "I didn't like being away from the team, but being back here and seeing everybody, it's been awesome. Hopefully, we can get this thing going, try to come back in this division race and all that. I'm going to be the best cheerleader I can."

Safe to say he's done just that ... and maybe some impressions, as well?