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Brian Dozier hit a ball that got stuck at the very top of the outfield wall ... inches from a homer

It's always disappointing when we come up short of our goals, but it's somehow even more disappointing when we miss them by narrow margins. 
Leading off for the Twins in the bottom of the first inning during Wednesday's game against the Tigers, Brian Dozier sent a pitch from Michael Fulmer to deep center field that he thought was a home run. Instead, it got stuck in the top of the Target Field wall for a ground-rule double:

That's about as close to a home run as you can get without, you know, actually hitting one. But, the disappointment of just missing a home run didn't last for long. The wall could only delay Dozier from scoring, as Eddie Rosario brought him in from second on an RBI single two batters later.'s Rhett Bollinger talked to Dozier about the weird play postgame:
"Well, we were talking about it. Jeff Kellogg, the second-base umpire, he's been doing it for years. We've seen it in the padding like halfway up but never at the top. I need to get our strength coach a little bit. So you just wonder. Maybe a couple more biscuits in the morning would do the trick."
Yes, always more biscuits.