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Introducing Krew Aron Harper, son of Bryce, definitely the first of his name

Picking out baby names sounds like a pretty fun part of having a kid, but it's actually a high-stakes decision with a lot on the line. Not only can a mistake result in endless mocking in elementary school, but one's name can set a person on a clear path in life. We all know there are names that sound like star athlete names or lawyer names or business tycoon names. A good name can set a kid up for life.

Then, there's Krew Aron Harper, a name that ... well ... who really even knows where to start? He seems cute, though.

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⭐️⚡️ Krew Aron Harper ⚡️⭐️

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If I had to guess what sort of career someone named Krew Aron Harper would find himself pursuing 25 years hence, I wouldn't really know what to tell you. Maybe bro-country musician? I could even see him in finance.

The good news is that the world is Krew Aron's oyster. It seems likely he's the first of his name to make his way out there in society, paving the way for all the Krew Arons yet to come. It's a lot of responsibility, but based on his parentage, he's probably up to the task.