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ESPN's Buster Olney asked weather expert Mike Trout if there would be a Subway Series game Sunday night

Mike Trout loves the weather. He and his buddy, Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel, exchange messages constantly about the climate. And it doesn't matter where he is in the world, Trout always pays attention to what's going on -- whether a huge snowstorm is about to hit or, in this case, if a game is going to be played.
A lot of rain fell on Yankee Stadium Sunday night -- so much rain in fact, that the Subway Series finale had to be postponed and will be made up on Monday, Aug. 13. Since we were all curious ahead of time if this game would actually occur, ESPN's Buster Olney made sure to ask the weather guru himself, via text, if we were going to see the two New York teams play. And the Angels superstar was very honest about what he saw:

Trout was right -- even though fans came prepared with umbrellas and ponchos, Mother Nature refused to let up.
But now it's confirmed: the two-time American League MVP knows his weather and his family is more than used to it by now. Even his manager Mike Scioscia seeks Trout's guidance on whether or not they'll see any change in the elements for batting practice.  
The guy can do it all.
Oh, and don't think we didn't notice that humblebrag that you have Trout's number, Olney.