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Drew Butera lost the ball on a Francisco Lindor strikeout because he's only human

We've all been there. We search the house feverishly for the car keys that are in our hands, or it's the one time you put the butter on a different shelf in the fridge and you give up and make a trip to the store. And while you eventually find it, there are a few moments of panic stuffed in there. We've witnessed this a few times in the Major Leagues -- and the most recent came courtesy of Drew Butera.
In the bottom of the fifth, on a 1-2 pitch during the Royals-Indians game, Francisco Lindor struck out ... but reached first as Butera lost the ball:

Despite Danny Duffy pointing to the ball's landing spot and screaming it was toward first base, the catcher just couldn't get an eye on it -- and this was after a few seconds of Lindor staying at the plate. 
It's all good though Drew, remember when Yadier Molina lost a ball that was literally stuck to him?