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A butterfly helping a pitcher throw a pitch is a scene of breathtaking beauty

Nature is a beautiful thing.

Butterflies are majestic creatures, too. Have you ever just thought about a butterfly? Its name simultaneously makes no sense and makes perfect sense -- "butterfly" implying elegance and and air of sophistication as it flits about in the air.

A butterfly floated about at Rogers Centre on Friday night, taking in the atmosphere of the Yankees-Blue Jays game. The glorious little creature even decided to lend a hand (or furry little butterfly foot) to Yankees reliever Zack Britton as he threw a pitch -- and this is legitimately the most beautiful thing you'll see all week.

Stare at that image over and over, and all that ails you will be gone, I'm sure of it.

That's how beautiful the world can be, if we just open our eyes.

This little butterfly had a great evening at the ballpark, and it wasn't limited to just helping Britton throw a pitch. Before the game, it tried to join the bandwagon of Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Cavan Biggio and the rest of Toronto's flashy young baseball phenoms, literally clinging to Guerrero's leg in hopes of joining the squad:

Later in the evening, our new favorite friend took up residence on a player's glove in the dugout, and it looked positively majestic.

I thank you you, little butterfly, for this oh-so-pleasant time-out from the ravages of daily life, giving us an opportunity to take a breath and just soak it all in.