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A friendly butterfly helped Carlos Correa make a play in his first game in nearly two months

The Astros welcomed shortstop Carlos Correa back for Friday night's game against the Cardinals in St. Louis after a nearly two-month stint on the injured list, but they weren't the only ones who embraced his return to the diamond.

With the setting sun casting some light across Correa's face as he readied for a pitch in the bottom of the first inning, a butterfly floated over and landed on his shoulder. It was perfect, really, one of the Astros' most important players rejoining the club and being honored with some of nature's wonders like this.

The butterfly may as well have been telling Carlos, "Greetings, Carlos. Welcome back. You have my blessing," since the very next pitch resulted in a grounder right at him for the first out of the game:

I want a butterfly wizard preparing me for life's big moments. Where can I get one? It seems ... peaceful.