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C.J. Cron went very low to hit a pitch that bounced before the plate

It's something that doesn't seem to happen quite often -- but whenever it does, it warrants at least a chuckle.
In the top of the sixth inning of the Rays' game with the Royals on Monday night, C.J. Cron went down 0-2 against lefty Eric Skoglund. Now in full-on protect-the-plate mode, Cron opted to swing at the next pitch ... even though it bounced well before home plate. 

While Cron didn't pick up a single off the bounce (as Dee Gordonhas done) or a double (as Corey Dickersonsomehow did), it's still pretty impressive that he hit it as far as he did.
Besides, his role at the moment was not to strike out, so mission accomplished as far as that's concerned.