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Cam Bedrosian tried to throw a hat back to a fan, but had to settle for putting it on a bush

A hat and sunscreen are essential items for the fan looking to enjoy an afternoon at the ballpark. With the sun likely to be shining bright, you need all the protection you can get. Be careful, though. Hats have a funny way of getting away. 
In the second inning of Wednesday afternoon's game between the Angels and Rockies, a fan dropped his cowboy hat into the Angels bullpen. Cam Bedrosian picked it up and -- nice guy that he is -- tried his darndest to return it to the fan. There was only one problem: The bullpen is way below the concourse:

After coming to the realization that he wouldn't be able to achieve the proper loft to return the hat to the fan, Bedrosian took to finding a new home for the object. Enter the bullpen shrubbery:

Of course, the cowboy hat didn't have long to get acquainted with it's new owner before it was returned to the fan waiting up above. Even though it looked great on the bush, everyone knows a hat's proper place is on a head.