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Can you tell which of these cracks of the bat resulted in a dinger?

(Patrick McDermott)

There are few things as satisfying as the sound of a baseball colliding with the barrel of a big leaguer's bat. For a split instant, the sound of the ball meeting the bat can give us a preview of what kind of batted ball is about to occur.
There is often a distinct difference between the sound of a hitter squaring a ball up for a home run or a hitter getting sawed off, breaking his bat and grounding out (unless you're Bryce Harper).  
But can you, educated baseball fan, accurately predict whether or not an at-bat resulted in a home run based only on the sound? Well, we've prepared this quiz to see whether or not you actually can tell if a crack is a dinger using nothing but your ears and your mind. After you answer, you'll have to unmute the video to hear the full call.