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Carlos Correa continued his onslaught on the Major Leagues with a 462-foot dinger

As a rookie last season, Carlos Correa did things that 21-year-olds just aren't supposed to do -- he slashed .279/.345/.512 with 22 homers in 99 games, he bent the laws of physics and he led the Astros all the way to the ALDS.
But you can only rake for so long before the secret gets out. The offseason came, and opposing teams had months to prepare for Carlos Correa, Baseball Superstar. Of course they would adjust. It's only natural Correa would struggle a bit as a sophomore. No one can just master baseball before they can rent a car, right? Uh ... right? 
On a related note, here's Correa's stat line over the first two games of 2016: 5-for-8, four RBIs, one homer on Tuesday, two homers during Wednesday's game against the Yankees, one dented restaurant:

Statcast measured that blast at 462 feet, with an exit velocity of 113.6 mph. And as if that weren't great enough, per the immutable laws of Bull Durham, he will now receive a free steak.