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Carlos Gomez fell over and still somehow almost hit a home run

They say hitting a baseball is possibly the hardest thing to do in sports. My rec-league experience largely confirms that. In order to even get the ball out of the infield, everything has to go perfectly -- balance, timing and getting the barrel on the ball.

What makes professional baseball players so impressive is that they can do good baseball things even when things don't go perfectly. They can even do them when pretty much everything goes horribly wrong.

On Sunday, Mets outfielder Carlos Gomez took a swing at a curveball and was so off balance that he fell over. Sounds bad, right? Well, he almost hit a home run!

Even though it landed just a bit foul, that's some impressive strength and bat control to turn a potentially embarrassing moment into a nearly spectacular one. The dugout pull-ups must be paying off.