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Carlos Gomez ran to third base with only one shoe

If you're trying to run, there's no piece of equipment more important than a good pair of shoes. There's an entire industry around matching people to proper shoes to prevent injury and ensure comfort while running.

The same is true in baseball with the added benefit that a proper pair of cleats can help add some traction to a playing surface that can often get quite muddy and slippery. So, you would think that a baseball player losing a shoe during play would be a big deal.

On Thursday, Mets outfielder Carlos Gomez's shoe came flying off as he tried to advance to third base on a throwing error. It turned out to be no big deal.

Watching Gomez race against his flying shoe is the clear highlight here. After getting out to an early lead, the shoe proved to be nothing without its wearer. Perhaps Gomez will become the newest advocate for barefoot running after his (partially) shoeless journey to third base. It at least appears to work well enough for him.