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Embrace the madness of this Mariners' 6-5-2-5-6-3-2 putout

Maybe it was some after-effects from the eclipse. Maybe it was just baseball being baseball. But during Tuesday's game against the Braves, the Mariners completed one of the strangest plays you'll see this season. Please, observe below:

That's catcher Mike Zunnino at third and first baseman Yonder Alonso at home plate. Look at the description in Gameday -- it's a beautiful short story full of recurring characters, plot twists and, finally, revenge:

Mark it down as a 6-5-2-5-6-3-2 putout in your scorebook. One out was recorded and one run scored. It also might be in the phone book. Do people still own phone books?
Manager Scott Servais gave his take to's Jaylon Thompson after the game:
"It was a crazy game and a crazy play in the game," Servais said. "The runner came around third and (Jean) Segura did a nice job to throw behind and we had them in a rundown. Zunino executed fine but we just didn't finish the play."
Anyway, it was a wonderfully-weird baseball play. Unfortunately, the M's couldn't create some similar magic on the offensive side of the ball and lost the game, 4-0.