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Charlie Culberson happily autographed a young couple's baby at Braves Spring Training

Charlie Culberson is a man of intrigue. In addition to being a versatile utility man, he's hit a division-clinching walk-off home run in the final home game of Vin Scully's career and also looks a lot like his teammate, Dansby Swanson.

Oh, and he signs babies on a regular basis, too. Late last season, he did just that for a fan after a Braves game, exhibiting a serenity that implied maybe he's done this sort of thing before?

Fast-forward to Monday afternoon at Spring Training, when ... well, you know what's coming:

Now, this baby is only 5 months old (per the parents in the video above). It's doubtful this young Braves fan will remember this moment -- but thanks to social media, it will live forever.

For a fun gag, Culberson and Swanson ought to team up for a baby-signing autograph competition, if only to see if fans can tell the difference ...