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The baseball world pulled off some epic Halloween costumes this year

Hunter Pence / Twitter

Tuesday was a day filled with hauntings, sugar highs, and shortstops dressed as poop emojis. Yes, it was indeed Halloween, and the baseball world did not leave us disappointed. Players from all over dressed to the nines and got into the ghostly spirit.

Hunter Pence dressed as Lurch, but he didn't participate alone. He was accompanied by Cousin Itt … er -- wife Lexi in this masterful costume. 

"You raaang?"

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Anthony Bass and his wife celebrated their newest addition to the family by dressing her up as Snow White. Mom and dad dressed as a couple of dwarfs. Too cute!

The Arizona Fall League participated in sporting some awesome costumes as well:



photos via MLB Pipeline's William Boor

Yes, that's the poop emoji.

And Sir Didi Gregorius. Well:

When you decide to do more then just post a picture for Halloween, got a lil creative came out with this .... HAPPY HALLOWEEN to one and all..

Eric and Kaycee Sogard's precious children dressed as Princess Jasmine and Abu:

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And, if you are in a huge rush and can't figure out who to dress as for your Halloween party, Phil Hughes has an idea:

Joe Mauer might be the most amazing (and adorable) dad ever:




Jordy Mercer stuck with the pirate theme:



Who knew Adam Wainwright could pull off a bald cap? 


Here's Anthony Rizzo showing off some turtle power.


Of course, Sean Doolittle.