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Jon Sciambi and Chipper Jones laughed uncontrollably at a fantastic story from Chipper's playing days

Former players often head into the broadcast booth to lend a hand to the TV crew for an inning or two. Their visits are rarely as entertaining as Chipper Jones' trip to the ESPN booth during Wednesday's Cardinals-Braves game, however.

The Atlanta icon joined David Ross and Jon Sciambi in the booth during the early innings of the game ... but the vibe was different. This one had a lot more laughter, courtesy of a story Sciambi and Jones recounted that was just endlessly entertaining.

It all had to do with a game in 2009, in which Jones glared up at Sciambi from the batter's box after taking a first-pitch strike. You see, prior to the game, Sciambi told Jones that he'd noticed an increase in Jones' first-pitch swinging, which ... well, it's all better told the way they tell it in the clip atop this post.

More of this, please. It's great content.