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Chris Davis and Manny Machado tried to advance bases on ball three ... and it didn't end well

One of baseball's most fundamental rules is how many balls and strikes it takes to walk or strike out. Four balls to take first base and three strikes to head back -- sometimes very angrily -- to the dugout. 
But while the Orioles were tied with the Indians, 3-3, in the eighth inning on Sunday, Chris Davis, hoping to sneak his way on base without anybody noticing, tried to draw a walk on just three balls. Manny Machado, at first base, also tried to sell the idea by walking toward second. Unfortunately, everybody realized what was going on and Machado paid dearly for it:

You have to admit, it was a good attempt by the O's infielders -- with Davis even executing an emphatic, yeah-I-just-walked-on-three-balls-and-what're-you-gonna-do-about-it bat toss after the pitch. Luckily, Baltimore ended up winning the game anyway with a pinch-hit, walk-off home run by Nolan Reimold in the ninth: