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Let's watch Chris Davis and the Reds defense team up for one of the weirdest putouts you'll see

Here's how's Gameday described Chris Davis' second at-bat on Thursday night against the Reds: "Chris Davis lines out to third baseman Eugenio Suárez." Sounds like a pretty normal baseball play, right? Oh, if only you knew:

Let's recap! With Manny Machado on first, Davis hit a line drive right at Suarez, who had moved from third all the way over to the hole between first and second as part of a defensive shift. And then, well, things went off the rails in a hurry.
Suarez lost control of the ball, and as Machado -- assuming the catch had been made -- dove back to first, Suarez threw to second in order to start the double play. With Machado still lying on the bag, Cincy shortstop Zack Cozart threw back to first in an attempt to retire Davis.
So, a double play? Not quite: After some deliberation, the umpires ruled that Suarez had made the catch and simply dropped the ball while transferring it out of his glove. Davis was ruled out on a lineout to third, and Machado remained on first. Got it? Good, this will all be on the Fantastically Elaborate Putout Pop Quiz.