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Christian Vazquez tried to throw to third base but was foiled by Evan Gattis' bat

At 6-foot-4, 270 pounds, Evan Gattis is a very large man. He makes baseball bats look like toothpicks, and he only needs one arm to hit a dinger. they don't call him "El Oso Blanco" -- translation: "The White Bear" -- for nothing, after all.

Alas, despite years of evidence, Red Sox catcher Christian Vazquez had to learn this fundamental truth the hard way. With Gattis at the plate during Boston's game against the Astros on Friday night, Jose Altuve took off for third, and Vazquez popped up to make a quick throw ... only to discover Gattis' bat in his way:


Look on the bright side, Christian: Boston sealed a 2-1 win anyway, and at least it didn't happen during the ALDS