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Don't come at Christian Yelich or he'll troll you with his walk-up song

Christian Yelich is going to be in ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue. This is obviously cause for celebration: A baseball uniform does few favors for players, and those of us who wish to gawk at their outrageous physiques.

This leaves the world in a worse place than it would otherwise be. But, if the early returns are any indication, Yelich's photoshoot should go a long way to righting the wrongs of nearly a decade of wearing professional baseball uniforms.

Sadly, not everyone took the photos and tucked them under their mattress for later use. In fact, some people didn't like them one bit and let Yelich know about it. One of them was a woman named Roxane, who found the images distasteful and inappropriate for young eyes. The outfielder/supermodel kindly asked her to calm down.

Yelich wasn't done responding to the haters. On Tuesday night, he changed his walk-up song to call out his detractor live in front of an entire stadium full of people. That's right, he came up to "Roxanne" by The Police.

Yelich's message in his tweet and walk-up music Tuesday was crystal clear: It doesn't matter who you are. If you come for the reigning NL MVP, you best not miss.