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Clayton Kershaw bought a bottle of whiskey for every Rams player to welcome them to LA

Moving to a new city is difficult. After replacing all the dishes you broke and waiting anxiously for the the cable guy to show up to install Internet, you then have to worry about making new friends. Fortunately for the LA Rams, they have Clayton Kershaw.  

With the back-in-LA Rams playing their first preseason game against the Cowboys this weekend, the currently injured Dodgers ace welcomed each and every player with a bottle of fine spirits. 

Not only do the bottles include the inscription, "Welcome home! LA all day," and not only are the bottles Dodger Blue, but they are also the "Year of the Ram" edition. Basically, this gift was fated to be. 

Of course, this isn't a couple bottles for some 25-man squad, either. Looking over the Rams current roster adds up to roughly 80,000 players -- give or take.