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Clayton Kershaw's son is the cutest pitcher to ever step on the Dodger Stadium mound

Baseball is currently awash with second-generation players. Fernando Tatis Jr. has helped the Padres to a strong start in the NL West. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. made his much-anticipated debut on Friday and the Blue Jays haven't lost since.

But somehow it seems that we've been focusing on the wrong set of second-generation players all along. Following Sunday's Dodgers win over the Pirates, Clayton Kershaw's son Charley took the mound at Dodger Stadium. What he lacked in polish, he more than made up for by simply being way too adorable.

He looked a lot like his dad out there.

The Kershaw family night at the park wasn't confined to the mound. Both Charley and his sister Cali took a jog around the bases with their dad.

To complete a three-game sweep, the Dodgers overwhelmed the Pirates with their athletic ability on the baseball field. Now, for good measure, it looks like the Kershaws have decided to overwhelm the rest of us with cuteness.