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The Indians somehow turned a sure double play into a crafty double steal

With runners on first and second in the top of the fourth against the Tigers on Sunday, Indians manager Terry Francona decided to call for a double steal. The man on first, Edwin Encarnacion, took off for second on the pitch. The man on second, Michael Brantley, didn't get the memo.
As the pitch was taken for ball one, Brantley stood a few feet off of second, unaware that his teammate was currently barreling toward him. By the time Brantley realized what had happened, it was too late: Catcher Alex Avila already had the ball, and was preparing to throw down to second for what should have been an easy double play.
Little did Avila know, Cleveland had things right where it wanted them:

As soon as Avila threw to second, Brantley took off for third. Second baseman Dixon Machado failed to get the tag down on Encarnacion in time, and his throw to third was too late to get Brantley. In other words, just your casual 2-4-5 double steal.