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A comebacker got stuck in Jon Lester's glove, so he ran with it to first to get the out

Buster Posey smacked a grounder up the middle in the sixth inning of NLDS Game 1 between the Giants and Cubs on Friday night. Chicago starter Jon Lester made a clean play on the ball, but then, well, it got stuuuuuuuuckkkk:

Fortunately, Lester was able to run over to tag first base for the out. Unfortunately, he didn't just do this again.  

Strictly talking pitching, Lester went eight innings in the Cubs' Bill Murray-influenced 1-0 win, striking out five and allowing just five hits.
Tune in to MLB Network on Saturday at 8 p.m. ET for Game 2 and hopefully some more weird things like baseballs getting stuck in gloves.