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The 10 coolest Topps baseball cards of all time

On Friday, with the help of some of the best and brightest minds across the game of baseball, we unveiled the coolest baseball card from every year that Topps printed baseball cards. This was no normal list. Rather than focusing on the most valuable cards, or the cards that are the hardest to find, we wanted the cards that baseball fans loved the most. Perhaps they were the most iconic cards, or perhaps they were simply the ones with a great story or an awesome picture. 
Today, in honor of National Baseball Card Day, we have distilled those lists down to the top 10. A panel of baseball card nerds assembled and hashed out the list. You may disagree -- in fact, we hope you do. The best part about baseball cards is the discussion and the trades. Because if we value a 1957 Ted Kluszewski more than you, that's how you make a good trade. 
If you do disagree, let us know your thoughts @Cut4.  
Here's the list: