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Before they exchanged lineup cards, Dave Roberts told the umps that Craig Counsell sent him a bottle of wine

The Dodgers and Brewers started their best-of-seven battle for the right to advance to the World Series on Friday, so it's understandable if tensions between the clubs were high. However, that doesn't mean sportsmanship and friendship have been thrown out the window. When the managers came out to exchange lineup cards with the umpires before Friday night's Game 1 of the NLCS, the mic'd up Dave Roberts revealed that Brewers skipper Craig Counsell had a gift waiting for him when he checked into the team's hotel. 
"He sent me a bottle of wine last night," Roberts told the assembled group. "Arrived at the Pfister Hotel. Had a great bottle of pinot noir waiting for me. I owe ya." 
While it seems like a friendly gesture, and probably was just a nice gift for a wine connoisseur like Roberts, maybe it was a way for Counsell to bug Roberts' hotel room. And maybe Counsell was listening from an unmarked van outside the hotel, waiting for Roberts to assemble his coaches and discuss their series game plans. But that's far-fetched ... right? 
Of course, that's not the only thing that Roberts and the Dodgers have to watch out for. The Pfister is considered one of the most haunted hotels in America, with plenty of ballplayers refusing to even stay there for their trips. The Cardinals' Carlos Martínez experienced ... something ... on a road trip with the Cardinals this season. Considering that it's a Milwaukee hotel, we'd imagine these ghosts are hardcore Brewers fans and would definitely want to get in the Dodgers' heads.