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Fan scuffle ensues after Kris Bryant's mammoth homer lands on Waveland Avenue

Friday's game between the Cubs and Phillies at Wrigley Field was noteworthy in part because of three home runs: One by Jorge Soler that crashed into the scoreboard in left-center field, career homer No. 100 by beloved catcher David Ross and one by Kris Bryant.
Bryant's fifth-inning blast sailed over the left-field bleachers and onto Waveland Avenue, creating a bit of a "situation" for a pack of Cubs fans on the street. You see, there were three individuals (and one mildly interested bystander) determined to secure the ball, but only one baseball to be had. 
Alas, drama ensued:

Wrigley's location and iconic design allows for this sort of thing to happen, and when it does it reinforces one of the central tenets of a baseball game: Pay attention -- even if you aren't technically at the game itself!