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Beware of the right-field upper deck when Daniel Vogelbach is up to bat

Daniel Vogelbach's at-bats have become must-watch TV for Mariners fans. In his fourth year in the Majors, he's finally breaking out with 15 homers and a .998 OPS through the season's first two months.

Of course, it's not just about Vogelbach crushing dingers -- it's how impressive those blasts look. He's taken his penchant for tape-measure shots and dialed it up to 11 in 2019. Watch how far his homer from Monday night soared:

Clouts like that don't come around very often in Seattle. In the 20-year history of T-Mobile Park, Vogelbach is only the third player to ever reach the upper deck in right field, following Mo Vaughn in 1999 and Carlos Delgado in 2001.

It's far away ...

... like super-duper far away.

This is now clearly dangerous territory for Mariners fans, so manager Scott Servais helpfully marked it on Tuesday with a traffic cone and caution tape:

How thoughtful!

Then again, perhaps nowhere at T-Mobile Park is safe with Vogelbach hitting now. He can hit them anywhere.