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If your hair looks this good you shouldn't be allowed to wear a batting helmet

The Braves' ninth-inning rally against the Cardinals in NLDS Game 3 on Sunday is already the stuff of legend, the sort of jaw-dropping, crowd-silencing stunner that people will be frantically describing to their friends for the rest of their lives. For Atlanta, it was a miracle, one that's put some of the most exciting young players in sports on the precipice of the NLCS. For St. Louis, it was proof that maybe Cardinals Devil Magic is not a real thing after all.

For the rest of us, though, it was something far more important. It was an excuse to bring Dansby Swanson's hair to the American people:

I'll admit, I'd been skeptical about Swanson. He was good-looking, sure, but in the way that you can only really get away with if your first name is Dansby. After driving in the game-tying run with the biggest double of his life, however, I'm here to say: There's a reason he very consciously decided to take his batting helmet off before he lost his mind on second base.

I mean:

And he wasn't even done! Adam Duvall followed with the game-winning hit, bringing Swanson around to score, at which point his locks found another level entirely:

I spent a solid 20 minutes in front of my mirror this morning trying to turn the mop on top of my head into something coherent. It is, frankly, extremely rude that this man's hair just looks like that in every context, at every time.

He is real-life Barney Stinson, and he should be required to run the bases helmetless for the rest of October.