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Baseball's biggest sluggers got together for the strangest and meatiest ad campaign yet

There are two things we want in the summer: Backyard barbecues and dingers. And you know who is probably the best at both of those things? The beefy boys of summer who use their prodigious strength to muscle out dingers and lug around bags of charcoal.

Finally -- finally -- there is an ad campaign that combines these two things. Last year, we got to see Bartolo Colon slathering sauce on ribs and diving in, but this year, things got even steamier.

That's because we get some serious Body Issue-style shots of some of the thiccest sluggers in big league history stripping down and grilling up some choice cuts.

There's David Ortiz grilling and ... reading a magazine? That doesn't seem like the best way to cook food, but what do I know.

Cecil Fielder, who was the biggest and most fearsome slugger of the early '90s, got in his birthday suit to grill a rack of ribs:

And Prince Fielder -- Cecil's son -- got absolutely regal with a meat crown of lamb:

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Bodies by BBQ #sponsored #bodybybbq @kingsford

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This is what summer is all about. But maybe, in terms of safety, you should remain clothed while cooking over an open flame.