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Didi Gregorius' victory tweets -- and his many, many handshakes -- are ready for October

The postseason is baseball's biggest stage, but it's important not to get away from what got you there in the first place -- to have a routine, some sort of structure, to fall back on. As the Yankees' unofficial ringleader (not to mention the creator of an entire emoji lexicon), Didi Gregorius knows this better than anyone. And with the AL Wild Card Game looming on Wednesday night, his many fantastic rituals are about to take center-stage.
First, of course, are the victory tweets, which Yankees fans are no doubt hoping to see after the matchup with the A's.

He even offered a little peak behind the curtain at his process in the video atop this post. "If I don't have an emoji for a player yet, I'll ask any player on the team and they'll tell me, they'll scroll the phone and come to me and say, 'This one, this one's for this guy.'" 
(Alas, while Didi wouldn't break down his entire victory tweet vocabulary, we've got it mostly figured out by now.)
But Gregorius is also known for spectacular custom handshakes, which he has with just about every member of New York's roster -- from the running man with Gleyber Torres ...

... to our personal favorite, Aaron Judge: