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After securing an AL Wild Card spot, Didi Gregorius reminded us on Twitter to #StartSpreadingTheNews

The Yankees were celebrating after securing a spot in the American League Wild Card Game following a 3-2 walk-off win over the Orioles on Saturday. Aaron Hicks sealed the deal with a line-drive double to bring Didi Gregorius home. Gregorius and the team celebrated accordingly, and the Yankees shortstop made sure he took to Twitter to #StartSpreadingTheNews.
Here's a little backstory on this ...
Gregorius has emojis dedicated to each member of the team, and while he doesn't reveal why certain emojis stand for his teammates (i.e. the clown to Brett Gardner) he made sure Hicks got a shoutout following his game-winning hit:

Yep -- Hicks gets the old man emoji. 
We doubt he minds being associated with that character -- he's too busy living it up.