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If dinosaurs can paddle, Oracle Park might soon become the new Jurassic Park

Saturday seemed like just another afternoon in San Francisco. The Giants rebounded from a tough loss to the Phillies the night before to take them down, 3-1, and cling to the edges of the Wild Card race.

The Giants might have bigger problems than making the postseason, though. During the game, a dangerous beast approached the outskirts of McCovey Cove at Oracle Park ... on a paddle board, no less.

You might laugh this threat off, but you don't have to be a monster movie expert to know that this could be a huge problem for the Bay Area.

I've seen Godzilla decimate cities.

I've seen the Green Ranger's Dragonzord terrorize Angel Grove.

This is no joking matter.

Oracle Park has to prepare now, or it's going to get worse than Isla Nublar out there. The Bay Area has been warned.

If the residents do nothing? Well, life finds a way.