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What do Dodgers fans actually think about Manny Machado?

Thanks to a few choice comments about hustle and an on-field skirmish or two, L.A. shortstop Manny Machado has become a somewhat divisive figure in baseball.

For many opposing fans, Machado's antics have made him public enemy No. 1 of the 2018 postseason -- even National League MVP favorite Christian Yelichcalled Machado "a dirty player." On the other hand, many of his current and former teammates have pushed back against the villain narrative, vehemently defending the All-Star shortstop.
But what do Dodger fans think about their star player? Do they see anything wrong with Machado's actions? Also, do they approve of the hair?

Watch the video at the top of this post to see L.A. fans share their thoughts on Machado.