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Undaunted by overturned call, Julio Urias picked off Jonathan Villar on his second attempt

Dodgers rookie Julio Urias has a quick pickoff move, and the lefty showed it off twice in one inning in Tuesday night's game with the Brewers.

With Jonathan Villar on first base in the opening frame, Urias threw over to Adrian Gonzalez in an attempt to catch him napping -- and although the initial call was "out," it was overturned by replay review.

No matter for Urias, who promptly threw over and caught Villar anyway:


That's determination, as well as a lesson -- as the late Aaliyah reminded us back in 2001 -- that if at first you don't succeed, you can always dust yourself off and try again (try again).

Sometimes, things really can work out if you stick to your plan and give it your best shot. And for Urias, who picked up his first career win and base hit on Tuesday in the Dodgers' 6-5 win, things worked out pretty well.