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The Dodgers won thanks to Justin Turner's magic Rally Ruler

Tuesday night's National League Championship Series Game 4 between the Dodgers and Brewers was a wacky whirlwind of never-ending baseball craziness that stretched deep into the night.

With the score still knotted at 1  in the bottom of the 13th and Cody Bellinger up at the plate with a 1-0 count and the winning run on second, the broadcast cut to Dodgers third baseman and Philadelphia hockey mascotJustin Turner in the dugout, playing with what appeared to be a ruler like the kind you might see in a third grade classroom.

Baseball players tend to be extremely knowledgeable about the mystical powers of so-called rally items, so when the camera shot back to Turner later in the at-bat with the count full, rhythmically tapping the ruler against the dugout railing, we should have known something was about to happen.

And wouldn't you know it, not 10 seconds after Turner was spotted trying to channel the baseball gods with his magic measuring stick, Bellinger ripped a single through the right side to send the Dodgers home with a walk-off win.

In the ensuing celebration, Turner was spotted running out onto the field wielding the Rally Ruler like some sort of possessed wizarding genius intent on casting a series of beard-growing spells upon his opponents.

Unfortunately, reports out of L.A. indicated that the Rally Ruler was lost in the postgame mayhem and its whereabouts are currently unknown.
Whether or not the ruler is located, its legend lives forever amongst a group of other enchanted rally items like the Rally Squirrel, Rally Skittles, Rally Pigeon, Rally Monkey and Rally Banana. Long live the #RallyRuler, the most powerful ruler in all the land.