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'Go Get It Out Of The Ocean' shirts popped up at Dodgers BP commemorating Max Muncy's trash talk

Just last week, Dodgers slugger Max Muncy became the trash-talk king of the season so far with a simple phrase: "Go get it out of the ocean," referring to a verbal dust-up between him and Giants lefty Madison Bumgarner regarding Muncy's homer into the San Francisco Bay.

In the hours after the initial incident, it seemed like shirts commemorating Muncy's quote popped up all over the internet. And wouldn't you know it, Muncy wore one himself during batting practice ahead of Friday night's game with the Cubs in Los Angeles:

Enrique Hernández wore a similar shirt, as he's always up for some shenanigans.

If merely saying the phrase ramped this up to premier baseball trash talk status, these shirts have elevated it even higher, right? At the very least, it ensures this particular quote will live forever.