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Can you remember if this mascot wears pants or not? 

When you really think about it, mascots are some of the strangest things humankind has ever invented. "Let's create a massive cartoon creature," someone must have said, "with a giant head and proportions like nothing that's ever existed. But, here's the kicker: It's not a terrifying monster. It's for kids! They'll dance and play!"

Even stranger: Once they've made this character, they put clothes on them. Why? Who knows! Some of these creatures get fully dressed -- either getting decked out in full uniforms or at least a pair of shorts. Meanwhile, others get the Donald Duck treatment and are free to feel the breeze.

It's time to show off your memory and tell us if this MLB mascot is one of the be-panted. And note, we are including any sort of cloth leg covering, including shorts, to be "pants."