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This dog in a baseball uniform is the answer to the internet's 'how would a dog wear pants?' debate

If you're online frequently, you likely run into the same questions every so often. Is a hot dog a sandwich, is this dress blue or gold, and so on. These trends are the memes we argue about over and over, never fully reaching a solution that makes everybody happy. Such is the nature of the internet.

One of these questions was answered on Sunday, however, thanks to the Miami Marlins hosting a bunch of baseball dogs at Marlins Park for their game with the Braves.

For reference's sake, here's the question: How would a dog wear a pair of pants, if a dog were to wear pants? The options:

To be honest, that first suggestion is nonsense. That would require special dog pants being manufactured by pants companies, and who has time for that? If a dog could just wear pants like a normal human being does, that'd be perfect.

On that note, here's Rudy. He's perfect. He's in a full baseball uniform -- with pants -- at the Marlins game, and he looks like a total champ. He's only missing a cap, but I'll allow it since it's tough for a dog to wear a cap.

That's it. You can't un-see that. That's how a dog would wear pants if dogs wore pants on a regular basis. Look at Rudy! He looks so good. He's a good boy.

Consider this meme over. Debate answered. Next question!